Some new heat comin’ at ya all the way from Miami, Florida. Walrus Tales, the Trap project manned by Austen Beckman, released a heavy Trap anthem titled ‘Evo’ last week, and we’ve had it on repeat ever since. The track kicks off with a stunning instrumental reminiscent of ancient China, before quickly transforming in to this ruthlessly structured synth line that crashes down on the listener in a fury of bass. This track is heavy, and I mean seriously heavy, rocking sound systems for several minutes before breaking back in the shimmering instrumental from the beginning for a quick breather. Turning up the tempo a bit the second go around, Walrus Tales takes no prisoners as he imparts synth lines in the background that remind us of the ‘Heaven Trap’ sound being worked on today’s festival circuits. This was our first time hearing anything from the Walrus Tales project, but certainly won’t be the last.

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