Toronto based artist and SYNTH Radio September guest, Arman, just released his first official single on the AtomicDeep Recordings imprint. Having been known in recent years for his smooth mixes at clubs like Comfort Zone in Toronto, few people were aware of the fact that Arman was simultaneously sharpening his productions skills as well. Early on in 2017 he proved he was ready to take the world by storm with his first official release, coming on the AtomicSky Recordings sub label. The track, titled ‘Andromeda’, is a blend of Progressive, Deep, and Techno elements, representing an impressive first release from the Canadian artist.

‘Andromeda’ embodies just about everything Arman has stood for since he started in electronic music. Big, hypnotic grooves alongside lush, booming pads are the norm all while instilling a groove few can match. The track begins with the ambience of a drawn out chord before big, looping synth lines are layered over one another. As the melodies begin to blend and the track builds, listener’s are quickly met with a break heavy in those same, toned down synths with a powerful sub kick to back things up. Throughout the track’s seven-and-a-half minute duration, Arman proves he can not only work up a smooth groove, but that he can also instill a proper progression well beyond his experience. While this is only the first single from the Toronto based artist, we’re already on the look out for more as we know his future is bright.

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