Marc Vedo has had himself an outstanding last few months. The Bristol based artist took ‘Ending The Year On The Right Foot’ to a whole new level in 2016 by releasing several tracks on Armada Deep and then following with ‘It Has To Be A Dream’ alongside Roland Clark on the famed Milk & Sugar Recordings label as well as a free download of the vocal version of his track ‘Illusion’. Headed in to 2017, Marc Vedo is gearing up for the release of a new, three track EP on Great Stuff Records to keep the momentum going. The Get On Up EP has three unique cuts on it and sees its full release on January 30th.

The title track, ‘Get On Up’, sets things off on the right foot for Mr. Vedo. It’s got a classic House vibe to it and features a bevy of energetic, jackin’ rhythms. Vocal echos are on loop while rolling bass lines and rattling cowbells add flare to the record. Smooth percussive rhythms provide a solid backbone to ‘Get On Up’, making for a well-rounded Tech House cut.


‘Invasion’ is the follow up track, keeping the pressure on from ‘Get On Up’. With a tingling, borderline acidic, synth line and crafty percussive rhythms, Marc Vedo wastes no time instilling an infectious groove. Catchy guitar riffs echo in and out and the synths continue to rattle the mind in this impressive cut.


Finally we have ‘The Muzik’. Slightly darker in nature, bells rattle the foreground of the track while trippy vocals are looped around smooth synth melodies. Marc Vedo is a man dedicated to the music and this production backs that.

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