Electronic music always amazes me. I don’t know why I expect to hear any certain sound anymore because thousands of producers are making new music literally EVERY SECOND.

Bishu, an artist who’s Soundcloud location says “Wavey”, released a track titled ‘Telltale’ which has so many curveballs I’m not sure where to start. He clearly keeps a low profile and lets the music speak. I can totally respect that.

‘Telltale’ starts off with a fuzzy sound overlaid on top of a subtle guitar, some triangles, and an almost Egyptian feel.. The vocal chops hit and so does the beat, a low sounding almost background drum beat.

By the 45-50 second mark, it makes a big switch to the standard we all know with buildings – fast drums, a pitch rising vocal, and the original melody we’ve been teased with since the beginning.

The drop is catchy and moving, one that always makes me want to throw my laptop across the room it’s so aggressive (in the best way possible).

This kid has some extreme talent, I truly mean that. The combination of elements used and the huge difference of his drops vs. his interludes makes such a creative style of trap.

Thanks to Mad Decent for reposting this kid or I wouldn’t have caught it on my radar. Keep an eye out for Bishu, I feel the talent growing. Peep the track below!

Bishu on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud




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