Zonderling - Cluster EPA lot of acts these days make a name for themselves by perfecting a certain sound. Then you have acts such as Zonderling, who have made a name for themselves by not pigeonholing themselves to a particular style or genre. After several successful releases on Don Diablo‘s Hexagon imprint, the timing for an EP seemed right, and this January saw things come to fruition in the form of the Cluster EP. With three distinct tracks that compliment each other musically and a sweet edit from Don Diablo himself, the Cluster EP is the most expressive release from Zonderling to date, and arguably their best.

The EP leads off with the sinister record ‘Landslide’. Primed for late at night inside the club, bouncy bass lines mold around an ominous synth line that’s built around a smooth progression. With a backbone rooted in Tech House influences and a delicate progression built around the melodies, Zonderling does a stellar job tying everything in to one club ready track.

Don Diablo’s edit of ‘Tunnel Vision’ follows up the first single in proper fashion. With a monstrous bass line and a fat sub kick to boot, Diablo turns an already impressive single in to a main stage weapon ready to go off at just about any moment. Watch out for the leads right before the drops in this one, they’ll get ya.

‘Annalog’ is the lightest track on the EP so far, taking a more Future Bass centered approach. Big, wavering synths float over the top of swift percussive melodies and smooth back end rhythms. The catchy rhythms make this cut a prime selection to see some radio play, so be on the look out.

Last but not least, ‘Particle Parade’. Zonderling paints the background of this cut with a soft atmosphere and some truly catchy, digital synth patterns. Soft percussive beats and an added shaker provide a smooth backbone, allowing the lead melodies and synths to do their thing. “Particle Parade’ is another distinct cut from the duo, and we think it’s the best one on the EP.

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