In recent years, Canadian-based talent Max Graham has found himself a top one of Dance Music’s most upcoming and exciting niche styles, Tech Trance. Wielding an in depth knowledge of Progressive, Techno, and Trance music, Graham has continuously used his Cycles series to present some of the style’s most exuberant sounds and artists over the years. Having been a full year since the release of Cycles 7, the anticipation for Cycles 8 was real, with this past week finally seeing the release of the 77-minute long journey. With a fresh crew of talent recruited and 17 stunning cuts on the track list, Max Graham’s Cycles 8 Mix-Comp makes a definitive statement about what’s in store for  the rest of the year.

Diversion, aka Solid Stone, delivers a powerful bass line to back the vocal efforts of Tania Zygar during the tracks opening minutes before working in to the Dimuth K remix of ‘Seven’ by Christian Monique. Add in a fresh mix of Max Graham, Phil Martyn, Rick Pier O’Neil, and Estiva tracks and what you have is a fluid and diverse mix leading all the way up to the outro version of Gai Barone’s ‘Acida’. You can listen to the mix below on Spotify, which we highly recommend doing, but be sure to let us know what you’re thinking in the comments!

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01. Diversion & Tania Zygar – On Your Mind (Intro Mix)
02. Christian Monique – Seven (Dimuth K Remix)
03. Max Graham – BCN
04. Conjure One – Serac (Eddie Murray Remix)
05. Phil Martyn – Come On (Quivver Remix)
06. Monojoke – Cassiopeia
07. Fluente – Mindtrip
08. Rick Pier O’Neil – Silver Line
09. Sonabit – You Have To Understand
10. Max Graham & Estiva – Generation (Club Mix)
11. Sudhaus – Initial
12. Estiva – Stiekem
13. Ben Remember – Shaker
14. Max Graham – One Hundred (Estiva Remix)
15. Max Graham – Moonchild (Tim Penner Remix)
16. Jay Hubbard – Meteorite
17. Gai Barone – Acida (Outro Mix)

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