Last year, talented singer/songwriter/producer Woodes released her debut, self-titled EP to the tune of a rather satisfied fan base. ‘Byron’ was the EP’s final track and while it may not have gotten the recognition it deserved, it was arguably one of the best ballads on the EP. Earlier this month, young artist MINNO stepped up to the plate to remix the somber tune and flipped it in to an edit we’ve had on repeat. Keeping the lead melody and vocals primarily in tact to start, MINNO subtly works in a ridiculously catchy synth line that takes completely over heading in to the breakdown. The track dissipates back in to Woodes’ soothing vocals soon after, bringing back some of the original melodies with it before MINNO’s futuristic lead melody takes back over. Check this one out below, and be sure to give the newly discovered MINNO a follow!

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