Italian based artist Luca Garaboni’s first experience with music came at an early age and by the time he was 8 he was already taking piano lessons. He discovered the sounds of Disco in his hometown of Belluno, Italy and knew instantly that music would be his life, spending the latter part of the last few decades adding to his already extensive collection of vinyls that now hovers around the 15,000 range. With residencies at some of Italy’s hottest clubs over the years, and a collaboration with Robbie Rivera under his belt, Luca now turns his focus to ‘Definition’, the latest release on Koolwaters Recordings.

‘Definition’ is groovy. Like, stupid groovy. Bouncy bass lines are littered over a twinkling opening rhythm that quickly settles in to a smooth vibe and a looped vocal sample. The occassional triple kick is added, for good measure, as the twinkling fades in and out immediately prior to the breakdowns. The vocal blurts ‘definition’ while ‘house music’ echos in the background, meanwhile, the thumping low end melody continues to roll on. We’ve been pleased with both releases we’ve covered from Koolwaters now, and we’re looking forward to hearing more.

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