Berlin based electronic duo BLYNE made a splash to end 2016 with their first official release on their own BLYNE Music label. The track, titled ‘Maybe Now’ featured Melisa Whiskey on vocals and displayed a production knowledge well beyond their years as they blended several styles of dance music in to one sonic journey. The release positioned the German duo to start 2017 off on the right foot as they work on several projects that are bound to keep fans on their toes throughout the year. Following the new year, we had the chance to catch up with BLYNE and see how their German roots influenced their sound, what kinds of plans they have for the year, and what they like to do outside of music. Check out the interview below and be sure to give their latest release with Melisa Whiskey a listen today.

BLYNEThanks for taking the time to sit down with us! How was your new year?

Thank you! New year was pretty good actually. We just had a quiet dinner with some friends and then went to a party at someone’s flat.

It’s somehow typical for Berlin, that you never know where you wind up in the end, whether it’s a club or some kind of home party. In the end the most important thing is to just spend a nice time with some good friends.


Tell us a little bit about where you grew up.

Being a teenager in Berlin pretty much defined our whole approach to making music. Despite the stuff you were listening to before, as a teenager you eventually get sucked into the pulsating club scene of this city. You start going out and experiencing the world of electronic music and want to become a part of it.  

So in a way Berlin really defined who we are now.


Yes, Berlin has quite the history. In your own words, what’s the Electronic Music scene like there?

It’s the city of the straight 4/4 kick drum and a place where the electronic music scene is a cornerstone of everyday culture. It’s all about House and Techno.

Sometimes it’s even tough to find a place where there’s music playing that doesn’t have a dance beat in the background.


How did you guys first get in to electronic music and eventually DJing/producing?

We both started playing in bands and were all about distorted guitars and big amps.

But when we grew older it felt like electronic music just gave us a different kind of freedom to express ourselves.

We weren’t limited to a guitar or a drum set any more and soundwise you we were able to pretty much explore and infinite number of new, freaky and interesting sounds.


Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

It’s not always easy to differ between what really inspired you and the music of which you just used to be a huge fan.Although we’re still based in Berlin, the UK scene has always inspired us.

Our electronic UK heroes are Four Tet and Burial and of course Aphex twin.Aside from his public persona the musical output of Kanye has been a huge influence on us.



How did you come up with the moniker ‘BLYNE’?

The word just has a really nice kind of symmetry to it. We were basically playing around with letters and words that sounded dope and looked like a nice logo.


If you were stranded on an island and could only bring three items, what would they be and why?

Every season of the Eric Andre show, but that would actually be four items. I hope we get through with this.


That’s definitely one of the more interesting answers! Do you have a favorite venue or city to play at?

We actually played in Estonia once. It took a 2-hour bus ride through a lonely, snowy landscape to arrive at the venue.

The location actually had the loudest and best sound ever and we played in front of a crazy crowd!


If you guys could team up with anyone in the world right now, what would your dream collaboration be?

We would love to have a songwriting session with James Holden and Young Thug.


Are there any major goals you hope to accomplish this year?

First off, we wanna make more beats, write more songs, and find some fresh sounds.

We’re just working on getting closer and closer to finding our own sound and are actually planning on putting out an EP quite soon!


Last one! If you could give any sort of advice to aspiring artists out there, what would it be?

Some of this may sound cheesy, but it mostly comes down to the typical advices:

Believe in yourself, have the drive to work on your skills and get better everyday, try to find your own voice and have a lot of patience, which is probably the hardest part.


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