Despite being in the midst of a massive North American Tour that involves setting up a full 1969 Dodge Charger on stage, Bass music connoisseur JOYRYDE is still finding time to release music. The most recent release, which follows in what seems to be a never ending string of smashing releases, came just this week after JOYRYDE threw down an impressive performance at The Yost Theatre in San Francisco. ‘I WARE HOUSE’ sets the tone early on with an alarming siren on loop and a simple percussive melody before being over shadowed by an ominous horn blaring. The track dissipates leading up to the drop as a robotic vocal comes over the top leading in to a chopped up, bass House rhythm complete with horns blasting. The second drop sees a bit more of a old school take with early Trap influences taking over the break down and adding an entirely unique drop. JOYRYDE then switches thinks up once more on the third drop, giving the track a full character and makring an impressive third release on the OWSLA label for the young artist.

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