In case you didn’t get your satisfactory helping of brand new Deadmau5 music at the end of last year with his w:/2016Album, there’s already a brand new album that’s out now and ready for your listening pleasure.. Oh, and it’s FREE. Shortly after the last album was released at the end of 2016, rumors began swirling about another possible album release early on in the 2017 campaign and the culmination, called stuff i used to do, is a collection of tracks that the Mau5 had worked on from as early as 1998 up through the year 2007. Included in the album are tracks ranging from Techno to Electro to Progressive to Hip Hop and provides an in depth look in to some of Joel’s earliest influences. The album, which is available for free download through WeTransfer at the link below, is only gonna be up for free for a more days so be sure to hop on it while it’s still available. The album’s minimix is posted below so give it a listen and check the rest of the album out on his the Deadmau5 label, Mau5trap Recordings.

Download the album HERE

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