Ten WallsA couple of years ago, Lithuanian based producer Marijus Adomaitis was well on his way to superstardom. Having already made a name for himself as Mario Basanov, Marijus had just presented a change of style with the birth of Ten Walls in 2013. The Gotham EP had signified the change and marked a stand out release for the Lithuanian artist, landing on the Innervisions imprint before being followed by the seemingly orchestrated Requiem EP. In June of that year, however, a post would surface on the Ten Walls Facebook page depicting a three chapter ‘story’ that appeared to contain a barrage of homophobic messages. Marius was subsequently dropped from his booking agent, Coda, as well as from a variety of festivals and performances across the globe, marking one of the last times we heard from the artist.

Fast forward nearly two years, following a delayed apology, and Ten Walls has resurfaced with the release of his debut album. Set to drop on March 15th, the LP will be titled Queen and boasts two sides, both with 12 tracks each, and will be released via Runemark. The album is said to detail some of the memorable experiences Ten Walls has had to date, both in and out of music.

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