FORM Music Miami Sampler 2017Since its inception back in 2009, FORM Music has consistently strived to distance itself from the pack in terms of music and style. The label was founded by French talent POPOF with one clear goal in mind: to keep an open mind when searching for artists and tunes. In its time, the label has done work alongside well-respected and new talents alike, including Julian Jeweil, Sébastien Léger, and Jay Lumen, with the label boss contributing more than his fair share as well. Now, just weeks away from the famed Miami Music Week, the rising label presents its Form Music Miami Sampler 2017.

Audiosense kicks off the compilation with ‘No Code’, bringing to the light elegant synth melodies and soft, yet prominent pads. The record’s twilight rhythm dives straight in to a bass-driven groove, making for an early favorite for best track on the EP.

DJ Raid follows with his record ‘Aural Dimension’. Exploring the deeper and darker side of Techno, the ambient melody, pulsing kick, and tantalizing synth lines lead perfectly in to ‘Border Line’ by Mycron X & Rekorder. ‘Border Line’ offers a playful contrast as the delicate strings combat the record’s bassier elements.

George Privatti & Aitor Ronda turn the energy up with their offering, ‘Sioux’. Crisp hi hats lead the listener straight into a pulsing sub kick as the track progresses slowly but surely in to a full on rhythmic bomb.

Closing things out, Siwell & Vlada Asanin deliver a groovy record to the title of ‘Give It To Me’. Featuring a classic 4×4 rhythm with some funky vocals over the top, this one rounds out the FORM Music compilation in proper fashion.

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  1. Audiosense – ‘No Code’ (Original Mix)
  2. DJ Raid – ‘Aural Dimension’ (Original Mix)
  3. Mycron X & Rekorder – ‘Border Line’ (Original Mix)
  4. George Privatti & Aitor Ronda – ‘Sioux’ (Original Mix)
  5. Siwell & Vlada Asanin – ‘Give It To Me’ (Original Mix)


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