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If you are an avid hula hooper, you know the struggles when it comes to buying an LED smart hoop. When you move on from beginner to an advanced hooper, your hoop’s appearance needs to grow with your skill set. Unfortunately, as you may know, most smart hoops range between $300 and $600 dollars, which can really break the bank!

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With several years of personal hoop shopping under my belt, I recently discovered the newest smart hoop on the market, the Acrobat Hoop by Hulalab. As a hooper myself, I really wasn’t sure what to expect when mine came in the mail. At first glance I was pleasantly surprised at the detail and perfection that went into manufacturing of this hoop. The inner connection of the hoop (where the two ends meet) was perfectly cut, leaving not even a millimeter of gap space. The hoop was inner-lined with a textured clear plastic tape that feels sturdier than most hoop tapes. Immediately, my favorite feature of this hoop was that it had a USB charge port to charge the battery rather than a separate charger, or the heavy removable batteries that often come with hoops.

Acrobat Hoop by Hulalab: The Breakdown

As far as operating the hoop goes, there is a tiny narrow button next to the USB port that is easily clickable to switch to the next setting. At first I had trouble figuring out how to turn it off, then realized that you simply need to hold the button for a few seconds to get it to power down. There are 11 distinct patterns on the hoop that can all be switched by quickly clicking the button.

Acrobat Light Patterns

  1. Solid white
  2. Twinkling white dashes that emerge from one side of the hoop and converge at the other side
  3. Half blue and half green (blended into each other rather than a clear cut between colors)
  4. Half yellow and half red (blended)
  5. Twinkling dots with all colors of the rainbow that move simultaneously in one direction
  6. Solid rainbow of color that travels around the hoop in strobes
  7. Solid strobing colors that quickly change
  8. Random – pretty much anything goes with this setting. Quickly switches between various organized color patterns
  9. Solid white with randomized strobed dots of color
  10. Six colors of the rainbow that travel in a circle
  11. Slow color morph – blends colors of the rainbow one at a time (a solid color is shown throughout hoop at one time.

The other cool part about this hoop is that it tells you how much battery you have left in it. If you hold the power button in between clicks, the hoop displays either three green lights, two yellow lights, or one red light to indicate its battery level.

Acrobat by Hulalab vs. FutureHoop Shuffle by Moodhoops

I personally have plenty of non-LED hoops, and LED non-smart hoops, but the only other smart hoop I had prior to this one was the FutureHoop Shuffle by Moodhoops. Both hoops are the same size and both made with poly pro tubing, but the Acrobat Hulalab hoop was significantly lighter, which I liked. Each hoop has about the same number of lights, but the Hulalab hoop doesn’t have a battery gap in the lighting like my Mood Hoop, which is a MAJOR pet peeve that I have about the Mood Hoop. The Mood Hoop has 4 more complex settings, and the Hulalab hoop has 11 more varied, yet simple settings.

One of the only con’s I can think of with the Hulalab hoop is that the cut out for the charger hole is rather small, so small that my own Samsung phone charger wouldn’t fit into the hole. The Acrobat comes with an extended tip (two part) USB charger. Keep this in mind in case you need to buy a replacement cable. Battery life on the hoop seemed pretty good, but you may want to carry a portable charger if you need more juice since the battery is not replaceable.

Which Smart Hoop Wins?

Overall, the Acrobat Hoop by Hulalab is a great hoop and fantastic value for the price. Currently, you can bid on this hoop on eBay and get it for as low as $50. If you can’t stand eBay auctions, the hoop has a “Buy it Now” price of $140. Compared to the FutureHoop Shuffle’s pricetag of $299, the Hulalab Acrobat is a steal in the world of smart hoops.

Hulalab Website | Hulalab eBay store

See the Acrobat in Action!

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