Ruby SkyeRuby Skye, one of San Francisco’s most frequented nightclubs, and its smaller, downstairs neighbor Slide Lounge will be closing down in the next few months. The property isn’t expected to be vacant long, however.

Rumors of the venue’s availability began circling several months ago, but new operator Nate Valentine deemed the task a bit daunting until recently. Valentine tabbed the founders of Snowball Ventures Chad Donnelly and Scott Murphy to assist with the business dealings. Donnelly and Murphy are behind the popular SnowGlobe Music Festival that takes place in Lake Tahoe each year.

The venue is expected to reopen before the end of the year as a transformed music hall with a bowling alley attached. Both facilities are expected to be reached via the building’s main lobby. Previously, one had to exit Ruby Skye to enter Slide Lounge and vice versa.

Currently, negotiations are in place to hire a booking partner with the venue expected to undergo slight infrastructure changes while still focusing on the building’s existing decor.

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