Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Charles Meyer, formerly known as Eelrack, is making a statement with his latest EP. The Litmus EP is his first release with Nite Records, out of Los Angeles, and boasts three, high-quality releases capable of holding their own on the dance floor.

Charles Meyer - Litmus EPMeyer’s music has an edge to it that a lot of House music lacks these days and the EP’s title track, ‘Litmus’, backs that up early on. The record’s muffled under tones back a clear-cut 4×4 House rhythm that are soon joined in by a serious bass line and some hollowed out synth notes, rounding out an impressive lead track.

‘Gray Matter’ will have you inside your own mind within seconds as the cascading synth lines, rhythmic hi hats, and hollowed out bass notes take turns leading the way. As the track progresses, Meyer adds in a distant vocal sample, among other effects, as ‘Gray Matter’ effectively explodes in to a beautiful medley of Synth Pop, Tech House, and Italo-Disco, upon its second breakdown.

Winding things down, Charles Meyer closes with ‘Opia’. Meyer utilizes a lot of the same hollowed out tones that built the groove early on in the EP, adding a tripped out melody and some more crisp percussive rhythms to back things up.

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