The come back of Trance music has been a well documented one in recent years. However, there are few who saw the genre’s revival sooner than Trance legend Solarstone. With his sights firmly set on the Pure Trance revolution, Solarstone nearly single-handedly brought about Trance’s revitalization and has since seen the benefits to its global domination. Today, a new era begins as the first step in a series of interrelated moves takes place; just where it’ll end up, is something only Rich knows at the time being.

‘A State Of Mind’ is firmly rooted in the earliest of Trance roots, with a sound that is larger than life itself. Its ethereal tones and driving sub melodies set listener’s up on the fast track to Pure Trance vibes, while the Psy-tinged bass lines give an energy to the track that few can match Subtle under tones ping through the powerful melodies, ushering a contemporary Trance feel that is not only modernized, but timeless as well.

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