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As dance music makes its shift towards artists with true musicality and talent, we are introduced to a brand new star. A Dutch producer known as Bad Habits has already made his footing in the music industry after working with artists such as Sam Feldt, Jay Hardway, and Alvaro. Bad Habits is introducing himself as a triple threat: not only producing but also singing and dancing in his tracks. His very first release, “What If We,” is a beautiful work of art meant to be enjoyed in its entirety.

If you insist on having the cliff notes version, the beginning of the music video for “What If We” features Bad Habits roaming around Paris with a girl by his side. But something’s not right… as the girl is beside him, he has a look of worry on his face and at times seems completely unaware of her presence. In between scenes of the pair together, you can find Bad Habits showing off his dance skills in solo frames. At the very end, the couple sits down for a meal and finally the meaning of the music video is revealed.

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