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Everybody welcome the newest member to the Monstercat family! Reach, a producer from New York, is making his mark on the label with a bang. As a newcomer to dance music, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with trying to differentiate yourself from thousands of other producers, especially people that have been in the game longer. However, Reach manages to grab the attention of one of the most coveted bass labels and successfully lands a release.

Bollywood Stunna” certainly has a very small dose of Bollywood influence in it, but is overpowered by more of a thriller / booty shaker sound instead. Packing a punch right from the beginning, the track is a myriad of sounds that all lead to a fresh moombah drop. Call it crazy, call it obnoxious, but don’t call this track boring. Reach successfully debuts on Monstercat with this one.

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