Krists Auders, aka Mayten, is a relatively new producer hailing from one of the West Coast’s finest cities for dance music in Seattle, Washington. Specializing in the more down tempo styles of dance music (think IDM, Ambient), Krists released a full length album late last year and followed it up with a single, ‘828’, released in February, before adding ‘Detours’ to his discography earlier this month.

‘Detours’ is another technically sound production, showcasing the attention to detail and creativity Mayten already possesses. Auders’ begins the track with a warped synth line that quickly fades as a series of crisp percussive beats are laid over a bed of orchestrated string chords. as the soft pings of the ride cymbal ring in the distance, the lead melody’s hollowed out synths rise and fall in synchronicity with the stringed melodies. Over the course of the track’s progression, Mayten introduces a series of instrumentals, including brooding horns and plucking bass guitar riffs, that fall in line smoothly with the rest of the production.

‘Detours’ is a track we’ve seriously been impressed with and the Soundcloud stream is posted below. Check out his social media pages if you like what you hear.

Mayten on Facebook | Soundcloud


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