tom staar corey james bird flu

Cartel Recordings, you have gifted us with a fantastic track this week. Coming straight out of the independent house label is a new collaboration between Tom Staar and Corey James. Tom Staar is known for his massive underground house bangers, and Corey James knows how to get a crowd going with his productions. Together, you knew that magic was going to manifest.

The best of tribal house comes alive in this tune. A tropical flute pans out a hypnotic riff, steady off-beats guide the rhythm, and a small celestial vocal accompanies the rest of the production. “Bird Flu,” is the perfect mesmerizing house tune for any after party. Its dark vibes set the tone, yet it stays light enough to be an energizing track.

Tom Staar on Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Corey James on Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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