Last month, we had the chance to catch up with Trance legends Cosmic Gate during the middle of Miami Music Week. The guys were preparing for their seventh annual MMW yacht party and are in the midst of the Materia two-part album release and tour. When we met up at the Loews Hotel right on South Beach, Bossi and Nic Chagall were up for chatting about everything from MMW to the meaning behind Materia. Catch our interview below and let us know your thoughts.

So we’re here at the Loews Hotel on South Beach in Miami and I have sitting right in front of me Trance legends Cosmic Gate. And you guys actually started off the week on Tuesday, right? How was that?

N: It was good! Especially for such an early night in MMW, it was packed already. People were in a good mood and everyone was still very energized.

B: Certainly a different kind of location for our set, so yeah, it was a good experience. It was good seeing people come, there was a vibe, and people actually dancing to Trance music. We didn’t really have to switch anything up

So next is the big one, the MMW Sunset Cruise.

B: Yeah, wish us a little bit more luck with the weather. Less wind, more sunshine.

How many years now have you done the yacht party?

N: This is actually seven years now.

B: It’s a MMW institution thing, it’s the annual thing we’re looking forward to most.

N: It’s one of our favorite parties of the year, if you can imagine. It’s very intimate, like 350 people, and everyone there for that reason. 

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Materia Chapter 1 was released a couple months ago, how’s the tour been going? We know you stopped up in Rochester, our neck of the woods.

B: Yeah we’re finishing up in the United States this week and then we’re going to go to Europe for three weeks. Maybe take a week off, then do a bit of Asia, then come back for May and June with EDC. Then we’ll spend July and August in Europe during party season doing Ibiza and I believe it’s off to Australia after that and then Materia Chapter 2 after that!

Do you have a release date for Chapter 2?

B: There’s not a set release date.

N: Depends a little bit on us, when we finish *chuckles*

B: It’s pretty hard when you’re touring to find the time. I mean, the demos are there, it has to be finished.

N: Like a week like this, we brought a keyboard and had originally the idea to producer here, but you see how it goes.

B: Yeah, so that’s why it’s been taking a little longer. But, I mean, we’ve still got one or two tracks from part 1 to release that’s been doing so well so we’re looking at those before the summer.

One of my favorite tracks off Chapter 1 is ‘Dynamic’ with Ferry Corsten. How’d that one come to fruition?

N: Actually when we did our first collaboration we had both ideas almost done and first we thought let’s decide on one of them. And then we thought, you know what, let’s do both. And ‘Dynamic’ ended up on the album, we love the vibe in that one. 

B: It’s got that in the face, Techy feel, with the moody bass line. Just a fun, club song. Like when you drive in the car and just blast it, just a cool tune to dance with your friends in the club with. 

N: And we are friends with Ferry since quite a while, so it’s always fun and we’re laughing. 

B: Actually we were hanging out at the Above & Beyond party yesterday with him and we thought, let’s go for a third one!

So i want to know, what is the story behind the Materia title?

B: It’s funny, you start producing, right? You start from scratch and you write some demos, and after 2, 3, 4 demos, some vocals come back and you get a little bit of a feel for what you’re actually doing. It’s a gut feeling.

N: Not a concept.

B: We write music not to ‘oh we go this way’, it’s a feeling. When we did this, it was very modern 2017 but we were also reminiscing to two-three albums before and even stuff we worked on very early on in our career. And Materia, is simply the Latin term for matter. So reduced to the smallest particle we felt this was very much just us, just very Cosmic Gate. Simplicity sometimes is key. We first names it ‘Seven’, as our seventh album, as working title and then we came up with the Materia idea. We felt like it was catchy and people will either know or be interested in what it means. So it has a meaning to us, to the essence of what we are, and we can use it in multiple names. Chapter 1 just came because we had so much music that we had to break it in to two parts.

N: Yeah and this one has like 17 tracks and after two months people were asking for new music, it’d just be too much at once.

In this scene nowadays it’s hard to keep that attention.

N: Absolutely. Some tracks we feel get lost because it’s too much. 

B: You know, some DJs ask us why we still make albums. You know to be an artist, when you’re a club DJ it’s a lot of club tracks. However, when you do an album, it’s all types of music. Some you write for the album and then are able to play out. ‘Happyness’ for example, from Start To Feel, that would’ve never happened that way writing it as a single. So that’s why we like albums, telling a little bit of a wider story. 

One last question, who have you been listening to lately?

B: Honestly, there’s not much from the Trance scene.

N: We love Jason Ross and a lot of the Anjuna guys, of course.

B: We’re more into personally guys like Maceo Plex, and Deep and Tech House, and things like that. 

Alright, well thank you very much for the time guys. Best of luck with tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your week!

CG: Thank you guys, enjoy! 

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