Producers Ki Creighton and Makanan have already proven to most what they’re capable of when they come together on a body of work. Their latest collaboration, however, sees their five track Lost Nights EP ;and on none other than Mar-T’s Wow! Recordings imprint.

The EP’s title track starts off on a dark, hypnotic foot, as highlighted by some truly stunning synth melodies and a tantalizing back beat constructed by Ki Creighton and Makanan. Things begin to really dial in as vocals echo over the speakers and as the atmosphere thickens with every beat, hi hats and claps rattling in the background. Twilight synths are sprinkled throughout, giving the track a dreamy characteristic to contrast with its driving rhythm.

Ruben Mandolini follows with his take on the title track, turning it in to a chunky groover. Mandolini focuses on the vocals and crafts a thick percussive rhythm tailored for Ibiza nights and energetic dance floor crowds.

Creighton and Makanan put arguably their best foot forward on ‘Burning’. Tantalizing synth chords are layered over the top of this intricate record prior to being over taken by a chopped vocal bit with an acid-tinged bass line making itself known in the distance.

The guys close down the EP with the hypnotic sounds of ‘Dancin Therapy’. This one’s got more of a rolling bass line to it, frantic synth rhythms, and a subtle cow bell, for added flavor.

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