Ludovico Einaudi is one of the most decorated Italian composers of the last several decades. The pianist, who’s father was a publisher and grandfather the president of Italy, composed the scores for This Is England, The Untouchables, and I’m Still Here alongside winning the Grolla d’oro (best soundtrack) for Acquario in 1996. In addition, his back catalog includes a number of albums, both piano and orchestra focused, most notably I Giorni in 2001 and Nightbrook in 2009.

After some time, trance standout John O’callaghan finally released the cover of one of Einaudi’s works titled ‘Two Trees’. The rework is structured around the unmistakable striking of Einaudi’s piano chords and sees JOC bring his signature blend of uplifting and energetic melodies to combat. Amidst its orchestrated atmosphere and peak-time rhythms, lie a flawlessly crafted production that not only pays homage to one of Italy’s greats, but also represents a perfect harmony between the two styles.

The track is out now via John O’callaghan’s Subculture Recordings.

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