Biskuwi - Sadness Is A Reason To Dance

Music, and art in general, is all about expression. While most of us would like to be expressing feeling of joy, satisfaction, and the like, sometimes the expression of emotions such as sadness and despair is just as powerful, if not more so.

Swedish-based Biskuwi believes in harnessing that energy, whatever it may be, and projecting it outward in a positive and useful fashion. Sadness doesn’t have to be a negative, in fact, it could be a reason, some form of motivation used to one’s advantage.

Enter ‘Sadness Is A Reason To Dance’. Traveling through its dark corridors, Biskuwi leads a dark, tech heavy intro in to a bellowing lead synth that is drenched in an ambient atmosphere. Tantalizing melodies cross where sultry chord progressions lie as the Swedish artist blurs the lines between Deep House and Techno flawlessly.

Give this one a listen below and be on the look out for more from Biskuwi in the future.

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