Kaiserdisco & Karotte - Knocking Echoes EP

German duo Kaiserdisco and Karotte have been friends for some time now, but only recently hit the studio together in Hamburg, Germany for the first time to produce their first EP of the 2017 campaign. The effort is being dubbed the Knocking Echoes EP and finds a home on Christian Smith’s Tronic Music imprint.

The EP’s A Side contains two originals while the B Side reveals a stunning, vinyl only edit of the EP’s title track. ‘Knocking Echoes’ features a big, cavernous atmosphere filled with thunderous kicks, brooding synths, and a dungeon-like rhythm.

‘Mauve’ is a slightly groovier cut that highlights both the rhythmic and powerful appeal of German techno. A simple, yet effective hook weaves in and out of several textures before breaking in to a throbbing dance floor bomb.

The Knocking Echoes EP sees its official release on May 22nd with the Ruiz remix out on the 26th. You can check the video for ‘Knocking Echoes’ below, which features an homage to the famous Hong Kong Director, Wong Kar Wei who is known for his visually unique, highly stylized work.

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