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DC to LA — That was the path for one of pop’s newest rising artists, Eddy Faulkner. The 25 year old is roaring through the music industry in his newly settled life in Los Angeles. A true one man band, Faulkner is the complete package, writing and singing his own tracks himself. Within just several months of west coast living, he managed to get his 2016 single, “One,” featured in two MTV shows, an interview with the HuffPost, and sponsorship deals with Skullcandy and Coldcock Whiskey.

So how does one describe Eddy Faulkner as an artist? His music style is positively refreshing and light, easily enjoyable by most people. Last year he released his debut EP, Unbreakable, a six track piece that put him on the map. His latest track, “Cruel,” is a smooth hit, with plenty of tropical house influence and catchy riffs. If Kygo and Avicii had a baby, it would be Eddy Faulkner.


Dance and Rave had the opportunity to get to know the man behind the music:

How did you get started in music?

I got started in music at a very young age. When I was 10 years old I picked up trumpet for the first time, and since then I have been in love with music. My family suggested I pick up an instrument, but they didn’t force me to do piano, guitar or anything like that. They just said pick whichever instrument interests you the most, and I decided to go with the trumpet.

Did you always know you wanted to be a musician? If not, when did you decide to pursue music full-time?

I actually started doing what I’m doing now, a bit later in life than most people. I didn’t start singing, writing songs, playing guitar/other instruments until I was 18. I was inspired by a video game called ‘Rock Band’ to start playing drums in 2010, and then from there, the rest is history. During my four years in college (2010-2014), I started to fall even more in love with music, and in 2011 started putting out music under my own name online. My first show was an open mic at college, I’ll remember that moment the rest of my life.

How have your first few months in Los Angeles impacted your career?

Moving to Los Angeles in January has already paid off for my career from both a professional and personal standpoint. The first few months have been very eye-opening, exciting, hard, and rewarding. It really has taught me how you have to be strong, respectful of everyone, and smart with everything you do on a daily basis. Already after almost four months of being here, I’ve gotten two major placements on MTV reality TV shows and put out a new single called “Cruel.” Now I’m talking to a couple different booking agencies that specialize in colleges and I’m also working with many other writers/producers in LA.

What are your favorite parts about LA? How does it differ from your life in DC?

I live in North Hollywood, but I really love the Santa Monica/West Hollywood areas. They’re very center to the entertainment network here, my network, and the pulse of what’s going on in LA. It differs from my life in D.C in many ways. So far I’ve found a lot more people like me who do music! I can walk to a lot of places easily (and just Uber when I need to get somewhere farther away) and there’s something always going on every night, whether if it’s an industry event, show/performance and/or etc.

Where do you draw your inspirations for writing music from?

I draw my inspirations from real life every day experiences. Inspiration hits you sometimes when you least expect it, but I find that most of the songs I write have to do with things I’ve been through and/or have seen others go through.

How on Earth did you get your song “One” featured on not just one, but two different MTV episodes?

I know, it’s crazy right!? I don’t have millions of fans, a label, publishing deal and/or anything yet. It’s all me so far, but that’s why I’m so proud of that. I got two placements with “One” from just pitching to the music supervisor for these shows directly via email. I’ve been doing a lot of that while here in LA, from following up with people, to making sure to develop that relationship and to even just grabbing coffee with someone so I can show them that I’m a real person. So many people don’t understand the value of a relationship in this business, and I realize how important they really are, especially after moving here in January. It all comes down to who you know, and how well they want to fight for you. So I’m very thankful that the supervisor over at MTV is fighting for me every week on briefs she gets. It means a lot when people are in your corner, and it’s great working with someone who just wants you to succeed at the end of the day.


Tell me about your song “Cruel.” What makes it special to you?

So “Cruel” is a song I wrote at the beginning of this year, and it was inspired by a certain moment in time with someone I met last year back in D.C. It’s special to me, because it sums up that moment in time, and that whole mixed bag of feelings you get when you start falling for someone.

What do you hope to accomplish in the rest of 2017, and going forward?

I hope to accomplish many things in 2017, and continue to build on what I’ve built so far. I want to get more placements (and bigger ones), play more shows, put out more new content, work with as many other people as possible and just have a fun time here in LA. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Anything else you want readers to know:

I’m very thankful for God, my family, friends, fans and of course Dance and Rave. You guys rock. Duh. ūüôā

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  • Suzanne Fava

    Eddy Faulkner is a rising star. He is talented and determined. Eddy’s networking abilities along with his personality are the best for this business. Love the arrangement.