LA based producer benAM is doing everything it takes to make 2017 a breakout year.  His first release of the year, ‘Rover’, was picked up by Ear Milk and paved the way for his latest self-released single to be premiered via Data Transmission. In addition to debuting his latest single, ‘Chrysalis’, this past week, DT recently featured benAM on their Mix Of The Day series.

‘Chrysalis’ is defined early on by a powerful four to the floor beat and a high-octane melody. Tantalizing back melodies slowly progress in the background before the track dissipates in to thin air. benAM brings the melody back quickly after, this time backing it with a a swift piano rhythm, before the track breaks in to a blissful release driven by the track’s swift hi hats and pads. Overall, the track progresses smoothly and, because of the energy reverberating from its chords, makes for a perfect peak time tune.

With his most recent single, Ben shows a finesse yet technical skill as a producer few his age wield. Besides ‘Rover’ and ‘Chrysalis’, we think there’s more to be on the look out for before the year is out. Check out ‘Chrysalis’ below via Soundcloud.

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