Mystery landers 2017

Don’t have plans for next weekend? Go to Mystery Landers mini fest: a few fans of the original Mysteryland USA decided to team up with the owners of the Landers Camping grounds to throw their own festival to keep the tradition of returning to Bethel every year alive.

Mystery Landers camping mini-festival is taking place on the Landers Camping grounds, which happened to be the official off-site festival camping for Mysteryland USA’s first year. The Landers camp crew had such a good time during year one that many people chose to stay there for year two’s festival, even though there was much more on-site camping added the second year.

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So what can you expect from Mystery Landers? Headlining the event is Minnesota, Champagne Drip, Space Race, Conrank, Codes, and Frankie Bones, along with dozens of other local talented artists. There will be 3 stages to host all of the bass throughout the weekend, with a 4th stage for after parties. There will be art installations, including live painting, and a party bus. Be on the lookout for even more unannounced surprises at Mystery Landers (Hint hint: be there for the end of Champagne Drip.)

In the spirit of Mysteryland’s original Landers campers, the Mystery Landers festival will be BYOB. That’s right, no over-priced beer, no $10 ice bags, and no lines for food. If you want it, you can bring it. Like a giant family potluck dinner, sharing is caring. However, Landers Camping does have a small restaurant if you need a solid meal during the weekend.

There are two main ticket options: A GA 4-day festival access with camping, and a 2-day GA festival pass, priced at a very reasonable $120 and $75 respectively. You may also add on a River Rafting trip, which is serviced by the Lander’s campsite for $30. And as a special perk to the festival, the non-campers will have access to unlimited re-entry throughout the event. Come and go as you please!

Kick off the start of summer right outside of New York City with a fresh new music festival. If you’re sick of commercialization and giant crowds, Mystery Landers is the music festival for you. Good people and good vibes only — xxx

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