In 1992 an artist by the name of DJ Fly launched a record label in the back of a small record shop called The Blitz in the heart of Belgium. Titled Bonzai Records, the label served as a sub-label to Lightning Records. After Lightening declared for bankruptcy in 2003, Banshee Worx took over and Bonzai began releasing records as Bonzai Progressive from there on out.

Progressive standout Gai Barone, alongside releases on labels such as Black Hole, has been one of the label’s more prominent figures in recent memory and has been a big part of Bonzai’s 25 year celebrations. Following his take on Push’s ‘Universal Nation’, Barone returns with the moody release ‘There’s A Lady’

‘There’s A Lady’ resonates on a lower frequency, harnessing rolling bass lines, subtle pads, and a cloudy atmosphere to encapsulate the listener. Tight kicks, crisp hi hats, and eerie synths push the record to the techno end of the dance music spectrum making it one of the darker releases in recent memory from Gai Barone.

Included is the Stan Kolev remix, an ambient house anthem with a bit more pep to it.

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