I’ll be turning 25 this year, and looking back on my history of EDM shows, I can’t believe some of the things I used to be able to do. If you’re like me, your outlook on a night out is probably way different than it used to be. You can’t be spontaneous and hit the streets to rage for 10 hours straight: having that kind of energy now takes days of mental preparation. You’re in no way boring now, you just have a different perspective on your raving habits these days.


at 18 – You and the crew are pounding shots, because a) it’s fun, and b) you can’t buy any liquor inside.

at 25+ — Naps are your best friend. You won’t make it through the night without one.

Paying Cover

18 – You’re kinda poor, but somehow you manage to get $30 together for the show.

25+ — You have bills now, but you also have more money. VIP? Why not! You feel like a baller.

ID check

18 — You and your friends realllllly want to see a DJ, but they’re playing at a 21+ club. Your fate is in the bouncer’s hands.

25+ — You’re flattered that anyone is even asking you for ID.

Where to stand in a festival crowd

18 — You and the crew shove yourselves all the way to the front. You have to be in the middle of all the action!

25+ — You don’t want other people’s sweat all over you, that’s gross. Being in the front is overrated at this point. Space to breathe becomes a priority. You prefer room for activities.


18 – The louder the better!

25+  – You’ve lost some hearing over the years and finally wised-up and invested in earplugs. Except you left them at home. *cries*


18 – Who needs that? You didn’t come here to eat, you came to party. And you gotta look good in your outfit for the rest of the night.


When to leave

18 — You are the last person standing.

25+ – You can beat traffic if you leave 30 minutes early. Getting in your bed early sounds great.

The day after the show



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