The tasteful party series curated by Lee Burridge titled All Day I Dream is going on tour this summer. Known as All Day I Dream: A Summer of Love, the traveling party will look to bring their distinctive vibe and sound to various locations across the globe, unifying everybody under one common love for music.

The ADID brand, now in its 7th year, has gained a massive following of dedicated fans in recent years due in large part to their intricate decor, intimate settings, and unique sound. The global tour looks to bring that ethos to more audiences than ever before with events in Los Angeles, Montreal, Detroit, Belgium, Portugal, Amsterdam, Miami, and many more on the schedule throughout the rest of 2017. Notable stops on the All Day I Dream include those at TV Lounge in Detroit, as well as at the Warung Beach Club and Mysteryland, Belgium.

Burridge was quoted in regards to the tour, saying:

“Music is one of the greatest escapes for me. It connects those who are open minded to life and the lives of others. It’s a language we can all understand and meet within to share experiences. The ability to take All Day I Dream out across the world again this Summer is a privilege and I’m really looking forward to sharing a thousand beautiful moments with friends, friends to be and total strangers. This is set to be an amazing year for us all. I’m looking forward to playing plenty of the parties with Lost Desert who I’ve been working with during Winter time.”

In lieu of the tour, Burridge announced the release of the Summer Sampler 2017 coming next week, June 16th. The compilation includes seven tracks, one of which can be streamed via Soundcloud below.

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