Being able to produce music that encapsulates the quintessential summertime feel has been a goal artists look to accomplish for decades. For people like Roger Shah, it’s an art form. It’s been a task Shah has taken to heart over the years, and one he’s found much success in doing so.

Whether he’s compiling meaningful albums aimed at clearing the mind, body, and spirit for yoga purposes, working under his Sunlounger (among others) alias, or perfecting the sound behind one of his Magic Island compilations, the work has always come second nature to Roger.

The very essence of what Roger Shah stands for and believes in is at the hear of each of these releases, and the upcoming Magic Island: Music For Balearic People Volume 8 is no different.

The compilation includes two new High Noon at Salinas productions as well as the latest offering under the Sunlounger moniker. In addition, Shah includes his takes on the wildly popular ‘Photograph’ by JES as well as his latest effort with Leilani. Exhibiting the best of both the day and night time, disc 1 plays on the joyous, day time attributes of the balearic people, while disc 2 explores the clubbier, grittier side of things.

You can check Shah’s uplifting take on the classic track ‘Castles In The Sky’, also included, via Soundcloud below.

You can pre-order Magic Island Vol. 8 via the link HERE.

Roger Shah on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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