Recently, we covered the release of the track ‘Jezabel’ from German artist Danya Vodovoz. This month, he returns with a stunning new music video to accompany his new track ‘El Topo’.

The music video features awe-inspiring views of several well-known landscapes. Images of the stunning Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, Nevada flash by as the German sound designer pays homage to one of his favorite films by Alejandro Jodorowsky of the same name. The track was constructed in a rather unconventional way, however. By jamming to the lead rhythm of an old vinyl record and layering a guitar chord from an old eight track player over the top, Vodovoz was able to craft a modern vibe out of a vintage process and sound.

The track has a very dystopian feel to it. In a wild-west meets ambient-electronica soundscape, the looped guitar chords and distorted samples make for a mind-bending sonic adventure. In addition, the carefully layered percussive rhythms and southern-influenced sound effects match perfectly with the strikingly-hot imagery portrayed throughout the video.

Watch the music video for ‘El Topo’ by Danya Vodovoz below.

Danya Vodovoz on Facebook | Soundcloud

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