Detroit wizard Terrence Dixon is one of the first names that comes to mind when top techno artists are discussed. The minimal luminary is known largely for his off-centered and rugged brand of techno and has played a vital role in the continued growth of the scene since the mid-90’s. Over the span of his near 30 year career, Dixon, along with his Population One alias, has called labels such as Metroplex, Rush Hour, and Tresor home, the latter of which hosts his most recent release.

The Like A Thief In The Night EP sees Terrence Dixon explore further the abstract and rhythmic patterns that he’s utilized his entire career.

‘Frequencies Different’ filters through several muffled and distorted layers ranging from nothing but an inward kick all the way up to a buzzing synth pattern that hovers over the top. The track is a wild ride from start to finish yet seemingly everything fits in to place just perfect.

‘Confusion Of Another Kind’ was seemingly born in another dimension. Between it’s mechanical synth structures and the continuous, robotic buzz lies a dialed in groove that is sure to put the entire dance floor in to a hypnotic state.

The EP’s title track is arguably the finest piece of the whole body of work. ‘Like A Thief In The Night’ starts with a pulsating rhythm that gradually eases in to one vibrating chord. The cinematic background pushes the track gently forward as it gravitates towards regions previously unexplored.

‘The Test of Time’ concludes the latest sonic adventure from Terrence Dixon. Following the EP’s peaks and lulls comes the eventual breakthrough, a playfully composed piece of electronic music that is both inviting and comforting.

You can listen to the previews of the Like A Thief In The Night EP by Terrence Dixon below.

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