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When it comes to night life, few cities compare to the giant that is New York City. In New York alone, the night life industry provides thousands of jobs and generates billions of dollars in economic revenue. Regardless of what style of music you like, the Big Apple is able to accommodate just about anyone’s desires with a healthy selection of options. For dance music fans, it’s the reason many move to the Concrete Jungle altogether.

There are some 26,000 eating and drinking establishments within New York City according to the Mayor’s Office and they account for roughly 300,000 of the city’s employees.

Yet, over 20% of the city’s small entertainment venues have closed in recent years.


A Potential Solution

The to-be-named Ambassador will exist to act on behalf of the music and night life industry, serving as a focal point for discussions between the authorities, venues, promoters, and others involved in the industry. The position joins the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment and comes as part of the new ten-year economic initiative announced this year.

In addition, the appointed member will aid with permits and licensing and could eventually assist financially with legal services, architectural services, and safety improvements.


A New Beginning for New York City Nightlife

The appointment of the Ambassador is a bit of a change of pace for one of the country’s largest cities. Recent administrations, including Rudy Giuliani’s in the late 1990s, worked against NYC nightlife and the mayor’s office also noted that major cities such as London and Berlin have night life offices with the announcement.

Together, the goal is to reduce the number of noise complaints the city sees and to increase the economic output already created by the massive industry.


A Common End Goal

Ideally, the added position will aid in alleviating issues that promoters such as City Fox and others hosting events in non-sanctioned venues have faced in recent years. With the two sides working together, the city can aim for an even more profitable night life industry while working to make warehouse-type venues and the night life scene safer for all parties involved.

At the end of the day, safety and profitability are the first thing on everyone’s mind and this is a large step in the right direction to bettering both facets of the NYC nightlife scene.

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