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The days of overpriced cab rides are over for Buffalo and surrounding areas. Last night, at 12:01am, ride sharing officially became available in Upstate New York.

Up until this morning, Buffalo was the largest city in the country without ride sharing. The city’s residents will tell you it was long over due.

It’s a move that looks to positively impact Upstate New York in several ways. Residents of Buffalo and its suburbs have been vocal over the years of the lack of quality cab drivers in the 716 and tales of taking longer routes, charging inflated prices, and even refusal to pick up have become the norm largely because of the fact that cabs were the only option for patrons at the end of the day. Ride sharing companies such as Lyft and Uber not only offer patrons several options when deciding how to get home but should force the cab companies to either shape up or ship out.

In addition, the night life scene in the region let out a collective sigh of relief over the arrival of Lyft and Uber. Promoters hope the increased accessibility to rides to and from venues should increase the overall ticket sales and attendance at shows going forward.

Ideally, this move keeps the streets safer as well, but when all is said and done, that’s up to the citizens of Western New York to make the right decision. That $20 Uber ride sure does sound a hell of a lot nicer than a DUI and thousands of dollars in fines and fees.

To celebrate the launch of ride sharing in Upstate New York Lyft is giving $5 coupons off rides for the next few weeks. You can get your coupon at the link provided HERE.

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