When you think of music and video games together, there are a few things that come to mind besides soundtracks. You might think of classic games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, or maybe even old-school staples like the revolutionary Dance Dance Revolution. The rhythm game genre has encompassed a wide variety of musical styles with everything from classic rock to Euro-trance over the years. Upbeat classics from the likes of Darude and DJ Sammy and Hi-NRG epics from 2 Unlimited filled the arcades in the late ’90s and early ’00s, and still do to an extent in today;s society.

But all music video games don’t necessarily focus on a certain style. Classic rock and pop icons have also circled back around through some online gaming avenues, and in particular video slots. Sites that feature these games have started to partner with bands and have introduced themed slots that rely on music to seize people’s interest. Jimi Hendrix and Guns N’ Roses have games, as do the likes of Metallica and Motörhead.

Rhythm and music games aren’t as popular as they used to be but they’re trying to make a comeback thanks to titles like Thumper. There are also a number of dance music video games coming from many of today’s most popular DJs, the following three we think are worth checking out.

99.9% The Game

This might be the most inventive EDM game currently on the market. When he released his album, “99.9%,” in 2016, Haitian DJ Kaytranada also put out this accompanying game, which plays like a mobile game but was only available on browsers. You can actually still play it on his website, and you’ll discover an experience not unlike the famous browser game Helicopter, though with shakier controls. Players can also unlock bonus content from the album by doing well on the game.


Casual EDM Games - Aoki NinjaSpeedy Ninja

This is an endless runner game that prominently features Steve Aoki as a playable character who runs around and throws cake at people. The background is a low key but hypnotizing beat that almost helps you get hooked on the game. Aoki himself called it a “total trip” to work on the project, which indicates he was actually involved in the title rather than just used as a fun character.


Absolut Deadmau5

This is more of an interactive experience than a traditional video game, but it might just be the most interesting one of the bunch for some fans of electronic music. It’s basically a creative VR experience that Deadmau5 and Absolut put together for the Oculus device, and it’s well worth your time.



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