Detroit’s own Terrence Parker made his return to Planet E Communications just last week with his most recent long player.

The GOD Loves Detroit album landed on Planet E, which is ran by good friend and techno pioneer Carl Craig, on June 30th, and is the perfect portrayal of Parker’s reflection on the city of Detroit’s past struggles and current rejuvenation.

‘BASSment Beats’ is a digitized techno production that sees looped claps, vocals, and 8 bit synth lines fall between the record’s cavernous walls. The drips of water falling in synchronicity in the background add the perfect accent and contrast to the overall video game-like feel.

Parker smooths things out a bit with soothing productions like ‘Don’t Waste Another Minute’Merachka, who made an appearance on the LP’s opening cut and one other record as well, returns with a silky smooth vocal offering that is complimented by the twilight piano melodies and blissful atmosphere.

The LP’s title track is an energetic cut that highlights some of the best house and techno influences that Detroit has to offer. Silky percussive rhythms, bouncy low end melodies, and an upbeat flow truly capture the spirit of Detroit nightlife in its prime.

Records such as ‘God Will Provide’, ‘Lift Yo Hands Raise Em high’, and ‘Transition’ settle on sultry piano melodies and lush grooves to make up the joyous and celebratory side of the Parker’s second LP on Planet E.

‘Latter Rain’ gets the two version treatment. The Healing Rain Mix, which comes first, is an ambient recording that details the process of struggling and overcoming issues both internal and external before coming out on the other side with the upbeat After The Storm Mix.

You can listen to GOD Loves Detroit by Terrence Parker below.

Purchase album HERE.

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