Oona Dahl - HologramaIt’s been over five years since Oona Dahl first laid the blueprints for what would become her debut artist album. In that time, the talented selector has learned a lot, both about herself and the world around her. With the timing finally right, Oona took to translating those experiences in to sound. Overall, the body of work is an immersive cosmic journey through the past, present, and in to the future with that infectious Oona Dahl sound stamped all over it. The final product from the All Day I Dream and Hallucienda regular found a home on Hallucienda and has impressed ever since it’s release last month.

Clocking in at a total of 50 minutes in length, Holograma is the perfect LP experience from beginning to end. Despite each track having its own unique identity,  weaves one singular thread through them all, tying each piece in to the last and proving that the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts.

‘Wait. Lifted’ transports listeners directly in to the inner working’s of Oona’s mind from the first beat. It is there that she puts pen to paper, so to speak, and really opens up. The incorporated sounds of chirping birds and gently running water add a naturally soothing effect that matches the winding melodies and dazed atmosphere, signaling the birth of an artist.

‘I See’ is seemingly plucked from another dimension. The sound waves refract off the cavernous soundscape so clearly you can feel it and the constant pulse provided by one of the synths literally provides the track with a heartbeat, and in doing so, gives the record life.

Oona Dahl’s ability to compose music that clearly wasn’t inspired by this dimension reaches new heights as the album progresses. ‘My Pet Raven’ is yet another example of this. ‘My Pet Raven’ is chunky yet innately soothing, despite the eerie sound effects keeping the listener on alert. Hollowed out beats rattle in the background as the ambient synths and and echoed sound effects slowly yet surely evolve in to something darker.

Slowly, the album begins to rise again on ‘Listen To The Waves’. The track is slow to start, taking its time before springing back to life with a tribal drum pattern and more dissonant synth patterns simulating the slow crash of a small wave over and over.

‘Who Am I’ represents something even more introspective. The meticulous and clock-like melodies resemble the inner mechanisms of the mind and the track as a whole sonically represents a breakthrough moment for Oona as an artist.

‘Treescry’ and ‘Veil Enchantress’ are two evolutionary pieces of production that allow Oona to explore her creative fantasies to the fullest extent. ‘Treescry’ is one of the slowest tracks on the LP slowly developing around a singular, elongated note and elusive and airy vocals singing of trees being alone and becoming one with the ground. ‘Veil Enchantress’ is rhythmic, and proves by this point that Oona has clearly evolved as an artist.

‘So Cruel’ is a somber number that utilizes swift percussive beats and an ambient piano melody to lead in to the final track of the LP, ‘Tell Me I Belong’.

‘Tell Me I Belong’ is the LP’s cosmic outro. As the LP comes to a close, Oona uses this time to reflect on past experiences, where she currently stands, and where she would like to end up. But there’s always the internal struggle of fitting in and doing what fulfills you.

So, where do YOU belong?

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