Taimur and Fahad are saying farewell to BlkMarket Membership.

The two have worked alongside each other on the BlkMarket project for 11 years now, watching it grow from a small NYC event to one of the Big Apple’s most popular party brands. Over the years, the duo brought some of the world’s top ranking artists to the city while crafting some of the most sought after events the regioj has seen in the last decade.

Taimur and Fahad are using the time to focus on their individual party brands, Adventures in the Deep and The Selectors, which are two separate, yet connected series’ that have existed since 2012 and 2016, respectively. The guys have been fortunate to work side-by-side over the last decade, forming some very respectable relationships along the way. They want to use this time going forward to build one those relationships and grow as individuals.

In celebration, Taimur and Fahad are saying their farewells this 4th of July with French duo Apollonia at Output. The roof will be open and tickets are expected to be available at the door.

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