Fyre Festival

By now, most casual music fans are aware of the events that transpired during the first ever Fyre Festival. Initially branded as a ‘luxury festival‘, fans paid upwards of $12,000 dollars for tickets and were in turn promised the most luxurious festival experience they’d ever seen.

That, quite obviously, was not the case.

Mayhem ensued almost immediately once patrons had landed and the lack of attention to detail, or basic festival amenities for that matter, was abundant. As the lodges turned out to be nothing more than tents, the meals severely underwhelming, and feral dogs were found roaming the campgrounds, attendees took to social media to call for help, and the news went viral within hours. The festival was shut down immediately but some attendees remained stranded on the island for several days after.

This past Friday, the man behind the disastrous debacle was arrested. Billy McFarland,  the founder of Fyre Festival, was taken in to custody last week and charged with wire fraud. According to the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, McFarland has been accused of falsifying documents to at least two separate investors who provided over $1.2 millions dollars to the event.

In addition, McFarland allegedly claimed his company, Fyre Media, had made millions in revenues in regard to artist bookings, when actual revenues totaled less than $60,000. Other claims report that documents were altered to show one investor owned over $2.5 million worth of a certain stock. Turns out, he owned less than $1,500 worth. If he is convicted, Billy McFarland could face up to 20 years in prison.

It’ll certainly prove difficult to try and run Fyre Festival 2018 (which he offered tickets to in lieu of refunds) from a prison cell.

Check back for more updates regarding Fyre Festival and its founder, Billy McFarland.

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