Following a breathtaking performance at EDC Vegas, Markus Schulz and The Nine Skies presented by Dakota has been the talk of the Trance community.

This week, two more tracks were added to the Dakota arsenal. Current label favorites and rising talent Arkham Knights join Trance legend Talla 2XLC in reworking Markus’ and Koen Groeneveld’s ‘Mota Mota’.

Talla 2XLC grabs the reigns and firmly repositions the record in Trance territory. Don’t let it fool you, however, the techno influences run deep with ‘Mota Mota’ and Talla does his best to accentuate those aspects. The German talent quickens the pace and lets the hi hats and claps crash off the walls of the record while drawing out the drop, before making a bee line straight back down to the dance floor.


Arkham Knights do their best to take things one step further, developing a rework that is arguably moodier and grittier than the original. The brothers also utilize the claps in a throbbing edit that continuously feels like it’s about to peak.

Purchase the ‘Mota Mota’ remixes HERE.

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