Techno titan Umek, along with the assistance of some of the world’s most experienced music executives and creative figureheads, is looking to revolutionize the way artist statistics are kept. The recently relaunched VibeRate website is looking to take music archives to the next level by implementing a level of analysis that goes further than any website currently done before.

While websites such as Resident Advisor and the like do in fact catalog artists, events, venues, etc, the goal of VibeRate is to collect data, analyze it, and then present it in a clear and efficient manner. The name originates from ‘rating the vibe’, which VibeRate looks to do with an updated catalog that includes hundreds of thousands of artist profiles.

The tool could be a useful one for just about everybody from casual dance music fans to industry workers. Fans will use it as platform to discover new artists and music. Artists can use it as the next new marketing tool and leverage it to get ahead of the competition and for promoters who are looking for an idea or different acts to bring to their market, well this is right up their alley. Already, the platform is making an impact across the board, most notably as a credited source used for the IMS Business Report this year.

In addition, anybody on the website can create new profiles or suggest changes to update existing profiles allowing for constant growth and evolution. With the way things are headed, VibeRate looks to position themselves within the music industry in a similar place to where IMDb stands within the film industry.

Head over to the VibeRate website below to check it out today.

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