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Dwight Lanham and James Kempley are a relatively new pair of producers out of the United Kingdom. The Darlington-based duo formed at the beginning of 2016 and in just over a year made a name for themselves on the local circuit. Now the guys have found themselves consistently spinning for regular events such as Illusion alongside artists such as This n That while spending their free time sharpening their production skills in the studio. By this time Dance and Rave had taken note, and the Defused EP was inked not long after, signaling the first official release for Digit n Kemp and the first EP on DnR.

Digit n Kemp waste no time getting the party started with the EP’s title track, ‘Defused’. ‘Defused’ is a peak-time party jam that is dripping in UK tech house influences. Between its looped vocal patterns and infectious bass lies a variety of sound effects, drum rolls, and hi hats that’ll have the dance floor rocking well in to the next song.

‘Fallen Acid’ takes a lot of those same UK influences and stretches them out over some darting acid over tones and rhythmic builds. The track’s tight kicks and swift snare patterns lead ‘Fallen Acid’ in to a bridge highlighted by emotive vocals, somber synth chords, and some downright proper drum fills. The familiar sounds of the Roland 303 shoot back over the top, and before you know it, the dance floor is set ablaze once more by the rolling bass.

The duo outlines the rise of Ibiza on the final track of the Defused EP, ‘Ibiza 70s’. Digit n Kemp layer a nutty bass line behind a vocal sample discussing the rise of technology for DJs and the party scene in Ibiza. Alongside its rhythmic claps and crisp hi hats, sharp synths stab through the record’s fabric before the vocals return, this time in regards to the documentation of the first time Phuture handed Ron Hardy the infamous ‘Acid Tracks’.

The EP follows our first release, the energetic single ‘Power’ by Jake Dudley, and is out today, July 14th. you can stream the EP via Spotify below and hit the purchase link to grab a copy today.

Listen to the Defused EP via Spotify below

Purchase HERE.

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