Brian Zajak, aka Fejka, wields a sound all his own. As a teenager, Zajak was torn between the sultry sounds of ambient music and the driving force of techno. By the time he began producing music, his style had taken on a life of its own via radiant synth structures and powerful percussive melodies that told a story close to his heart.

It was because of this that Ki Records boss Christian Loffler took note and brought the young talent under his wing. The result is a the beautiful Twilight EP out today, July 14th. The title track, ‘Twilight’, is a contemporary production that quickly, yet seamlessly flips the switch from day (as experienced by the EP’s first two tracks) to night with ease. As originally premiered by THUMP, the record’s sense of calmness is parlayed in to an intricately structured lead melody with sultry vocals from Hildur to match.

In total, the EP comes with 6 tracks, one of which is a radio edit of ‘Twilight’. Fejka leads with ‘Illumination’ and ‘Sunlight’, a pair of dreamy, down tempo productions that works in to ‘Twilight’ and concludes with the hypnotic and trance-like rhythms of ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Ghostlight’.

Stream The full Twilight EP by Fejka via Spotify below.

Fejka on Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud

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