House music fans rejoice.

A name synonymous with Chicago house music, Larry Heard is gearing up to release a new double LP at some time early next year. The release will be his first artist album since Loose Fingers: Soundtrack from the Duality Double-Play, released back in 2005.

Larry Heard also intends on releasing a two-track Mr. White EP with collaborator and vocalist Chad White via Alleviated Records on September 4th.

The news made Heard’s upcoming appearance at Sunfall Festival in London a bit sweeter as it will not only be his first time in the capital in two decades but he also announced his intent to debut new material off the forthcoming LP during his set.

Heard is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of deep house music. Known as the front man of the group Fingers Inc along with productions under a variety of aliases, including Mr. Fingers, his catalog dates back to the early 1980s and tracks such as ‘Can You Feel It?’ solidified his status as a legend.

Purchase tickets to see Larry Heard at Sunfall HERE.


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