Julion De’Angelo and Thomas Xu made their debut with Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature imprint early on this month. The talented Detroit-based artists put together a four-track EP, two releases from each artist, titled the Roots That Talk EP.

‘Chase The Summer’ has a laid back flow that is filled out by hollowed pads and loose drum fills. The track’s free flowing spirit and relaxed nature make it a smooth warm up track for early on in the night while subtly displaying the production talents of Julion De’Angelo.

Thomas Xu, who has previously drawn the artwork for several Sound Signature releases, makes his first appearance with the nuanced record, ‘Alottochewon’. Xu lulls listeners with a dreamy and intricate intro that details vividly an eerie jungle landscape. Around the 45 second mark, a reverbed synth chord bellows out over the soundscape, backed by a jungle infused pad melody. As the track progresses, Xu brings the eerie sounds from the early intro back to toy feverishly with the record’s booming undertones.

De’Angelo follows with the broken rhythm of ‘Pocketfull’. Twilight synth chords carefully grace the top end and the free flowing piano chords help pay homage to early Detroit deep house releases.

The EP closes with Thomas Xu’s delightfully soothing ‘Acceptance’. The track’s soft percussive pads and rolling kicks lay the foundation for the wandering chord structures that slowly creep in to the foreground and fill out the rest of the track.

Purchase the Roots That Talk EP via Sound Signature HERE.

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