Released last Monday, July 17th, German DJ and producer David Lohlein found a home for his most recent six track EP on the Ibiza-based record label, Sonika Music.

Lohlein’s first offering sends a flurry of rapid hi hats, stabbing synths, and throbbing kicks right off the bat. The track, ‘Aphotic’, delivers repeated claps that sound off in every direction surrounding the razor-sharp lead melody and once the track is stripped to its bear bones midway through, the bass line has a clear path to barrel through the open soundscape.

The EP’s title track is to follow. ‘Cijea’ is arguably our favorite cut on the EP and takes a moodier approach filled out with wavering synth lines and spacious drum fills. The frantic back melodies add a sense of urgency to the production and keep the track’s energy at dance floor-ready levels throughout its duration.

‘Mescina’ is a progressive piece of techno that takes its time slowly building in to an explosive dance floor bomb. One by one, Lohlein adds a kick, and then a hi hat, and then another kick, and before long the listener is face-to-face with a four-on-the-floor piece of devilishly crafted music.

‘Skryptom’ once again highlights David Lohlein’s undeniable ability to craft near flawless lead melodies. This time, the track ultimately builds towards a stripped back breakdown centered around a rolling bass line and a looped, alarm-like synth.

The German’s second to last track of the EP is titled ‘System’. ‘System’ exploits a series of hollowed out synths against a static background comprised of chunky hi hats and muffled sub kicks.

Closing things out is the meticulous record ‘Tamno’. Muffled kicks shroud the acid-tinged lead synths before an alternating hi hat is added to the mix. Lohlein aims this one square at the warehouse setting and drives home another stellar production to close out an impressive EP.

You can check out the Cijea EP via Sonika Music below.

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