Summer is here and the festival season is now well under way. With the weather hot and muggy, flights and lodging already booked, and the rest left to be taken care of upon arrival, it can be easy to forget a few key things.

Trance legend Paul van Dyk is here to assure you that all bases are covered and that includes delivering a summer-ready club anthem to soundtrack your summer.

The record, ‘Stronger Together’, features the recently reborn producer Pierre Pienaar. Those familiar with the name will remember earlier records released under the P.H.A.T.T. alias while others are only discovering recent works such as ‘Far Away’ and Higher State’. In any event, the veteran producer of over a decade is still putting out intoxicating records such as this one alongside the VANDIT boss.

True to form, PvD and Pienaar kick their feet off the ground in electrifying fashion before offsetting the high-energy tempo with a somber piano bit. Before long, the track is stripped of everything save for the piano bit and the gentle glow of the atmosphere. Drums begin to march in from the background and are soon after capped off by the lead synths which eventually settle in to a slightly more melodic state.

Listen to ‘Stronger Together’ by PvD and Pierre Pienaar via Spotify below.

Paul van Dyk Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Pierre Pienaar on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


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